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Let's go – the requirements
Login and test access
Test access
Create a Video
Import pictures
Determine the sequence
Select  music
Select Video Design / Animation
Save Video clip
My videos - administer, publish and download videos
The "Publish" and "Create Download
Once the format and size of the video have been selected, the video is available in 2 different forms for further use: as a URL and as embedded code.
Publish video as URL
Publish video as embedded code
Download videos.


Let's go – the requirements


You want to work with Clipgenerator? Let's go.

Clipgenerator Editor can be used with any browser that Supports Flash 10 and higher. When Clipgenerator Editor is started we check whether the necessary Flash version has already been installed.
If not, we will guide you through the installation process. Alternatively, you can perform the installation on your own. The web page provides the current version of Flash for your browser and your operating system.

Don't know how to continue?

We are trying to make the use of Clip Editor as simple and intuitive as possible. Where we have not been successful, you have the following options:

Mouse-over texts
Most functions and buttons are provided with "mouse-over" help. Move the mouse pointer over the desired function and read the information displayed.

Login and test access


There are two ways to start working with Clipgenerator Editor.




Have you already registered with Clipgenerator Editor and received a user name and a password?
The user name corresponds to the e-mail address you provided during registration. The password was chosen by you during registration.

Have you forgotten your password? No problem - you can request a new password in the login area.
After login, you are immediately directed to the "My Videos" area. You can either work with existing videos or create a new one.

Test access

Are you not yet registered but want to test Clipgenerator and create a clip?
Select the "Prices" link and select either the Private Use package free of charge or the Business Use Trial package. Take a moment to register and then get started.

After successful registration, you can start creating your first video clip right away. Simply click the "Create Video" button in the top part of the page. Here you will be routed to an example page with a preselection of products that offer you perfectly matched music and video design combinations. Select one of the examples by clicking on the small thumbnail.

A light box will open that will show you the example video. Click on the "Apply Music and Video Design" button to select this video design and music combination and then access the Clipgenerator Editor automatically. Music already selected will also be available here
Now you can create your own, new clip at any time.


The application gives you the option to register.
Select the "My Data" tag or simply try to save the current clip to go directly to quick registration.

Video example page – overview for pre selection


Preview video example


After registration, you can safely store the clips you have created online and view or change them at a later time.


Create a Video

This is the most important function of the editor. You can create your clips in just a few steps. 


The following main functions can be performed on the "Create Video" page.

Import Pictures
Upload your pictures from hard drive or select images from our Stock Content image disk or an online gallery or use one of our background pictures.

Determine the Animation Sequence
for your selected images. This is where you will see a preview of the pictures you selected. Here you can determine the sequence of the pictures. The preview gives you a general overview.

Select music
Change the music for your video clip. Select one of a large number of titles. The music determines the mood of your clip.

Select Video Design and Animation
This is where the movement of your video comes in! You can select suitable effects, transitions and animations! Select the right animation for your video clip. Slow or fast, simple or complex – this is where you will - find the fitting bells and whistles for your video.

After importing the first pictures, you can see the current version of your clip at any time (!) by clicking the "Play" button.

Save your clip once you are happy with the result.

Configuration Tools
Here you can add text to your clip. The "Intro" and "Outro" functions make designing a home function makes it really easy to design a welcome page and closing page child's play. The starting or closing image will then not be animated when you click it.

Use the "Text" button to add text that will permanently remain visible at the same location for the entire length of the clip. This text can be run through the video as a layer or as advertising.

Use the "Logo" button to add a graphic that will be visible for the entire length of the clip.

If the "Intro" check box is activated, then the first image in the animation sequence will not be animated. This is very helpful when, e.g., a title text is been faded that should be clearly legible.


If the "Outro" check box is active, then the last image in the animation sequence will not be animated. This is very useful when closing text has been faded in which should be nicely legible or when you want to place a hyperlink to a product, consultant or website at the end of the video, for example.

Use the "Aspect Ratio" radio button to set the video clip's format. We offer an aspect ratio of either a 4:3 or 16:9 (widescreen).

Under "Max. Duration" you can set the maximum length that the clip should run. If you want to maintain a certain time for the video clip, then you can set the length of the video in increments of 5 seconds. If you leave the setting at "0", then the video length will be automatically calculated based on the selected video design in combination with the number of images.


Play, New, Save

Save As, Create new clips and save your current projects.


Import pictures

This is where your pictures come in.
The selection of your pictures has the strongest impact on the overall result. Choose your pictures carefully.

You get the best results with pictures in landscape format.
Select pictures that are large enough. We recommend a minimum size of 800x600 pixels.


Hard disk
Here you can import pictures that are stored on your computer. They might be on a hard disk, a USB stick or a connected camera.
"Search" opens a window that allows access to your desktop, your files and your storage media. Mark the desired pictures and transfer the files into Clipgenerator  Editor by clicking on "Open".
Clipgenerator Editor will once again show the selected files before they are uploaded to the system using "Upload

Make sure that the picture files selected are not too big. Clipgenerator Editor can handle pictures up to 20 MB,  - but smaller files considerably reduce the upload time.

Sometimes you might not need a picture but only a single-colour background. It makes text easy to read and highlights its importance. Select one of the prepared backgrounds. Include the background into your animation sequence by using "Drag and Drop".



Determine the sequence

After uploading the pictures, you can determine their sequence in the clip.
Simply move the pictures using "Drag and Drop". Delete pictures by clicking on the cross (x) in the top right-hand corner of each picture.

The remaining  number of  pictures up to the maximum is shown in the top right-hand section of the frame.

Select  music

Here you can change the music selection for your clip.

Select from a series of pre-licensed titles. Search for music in a specific style, mood or speed , or select your music from a pre-selection for specific themes.





The titles provided by Clipgenerator Editor are all licensed and legally cleared. There is no risk to you, irrespective of whether you are using them for private or commercial purposes.

What's more, we offer you Extra Music Packages with high-quality musical pieces by Chart-topping artists (vocal and instrumental) which have been optimised for various topic areas such as presentations, eCommerce, lifestyle, events, etc. These additional packages can be conveniently ordered using the "Purchase" button in the music list. You will then be automatically directed to the shopping cart. The extra music will then be available immediately after your purchase.

Of course, you also have the option of listening to the songs of the Extra Music Package before buying them.
Please note that you cannot purchase only individual songs from the Additional Music Package. You can only purchase the complete package.

Select Video Design / Animation

This brings life to your pictures.
Clipgenerator Editor offers a series of animations that turn your pictures into attractive video clips.

Select the right animation for your clip. The speed and complexity parameters will help you with preselection. Use the "Preview" function to get an impression of your animation.

Save Video clip

You can save the current video clip at any time.

 The "Save" function will open a new dialog box. Depending on the selected package, here you can enter additional search engine optimization information (SEO) for the clip and then save the clip. "Save" saves the clip in the storage location currently in use. The existing version is overwritten.
The clip can also be stored using "Save as". It is then saved in a new storage location. You can also give the clip a new name.  The stored version will be retained.
The "New" function discards the current clip. Changes since the last save will be lost. Use this function to create a completely new clip.

My videos - administer, publish and download videos


The "My Videos – Organize, " main section can be used to administer, publish and download videos.

Each video is represented by a storage location that shows the different functions for that video.

Click on the thumbnail to play the clip.

"Edit" loads the video into the editor and allows further processing and adaptation of the clip.

The "Publish" and "Create Download


Clicking on the preview will play the video in a light box.



"Edit" will load the video in the Editor and allow you to make additional changes and adaptations to the clip.

"Rename" will open a dialog field. The title of the video clip can be changed here.

"SEO processing" will open a dialog field in which relevant data can be entered into the search engine and changed. Depending on the selected package, you can enter only simple or more comprehensive data here.




The "Create video file and download" and "Share" functions allow you to use clips outside the Clipgenerator environment. These functions are described in more detail below.

Publish video
Once a video has been successfully compiled, it can be published online in different ways.

The current video can be shown and played at any time by clicking on the "Play" button on the left in the "Publish Video" section.
The format and size of the video for publication can be selected below the video window. Formats with an aspect ratio of 4:3 as well as 16:9 (wide screen) are available.

In the example, the 4:3 format was selected with a player size of 320 pixels (width) by 240 pixels (height).

In addition to the player size, you can also determine whether the video is to run automatically after calling up the player element or whether the viewer first needs to click the "Play" button.

The "Autoplay" function is switched on in the example.

Once the format and size of the video have been selected, the video is available in 2 different forms for further use: as a URL and as embedded code.


Publish video as URL

The easiest way to publish a video is to use its URL.
Trivid will then stream the video for you. You do not need to pay any hosting or streaming fees separately.



The URL refers to the video stored at Trivid. When the URL is called up, the player element and the necessary video elements are loaded from the Trivid server and the viewer can watch the video.

To do this, the viewer requires a computer with a browser that supports Flash 10.

The content of the video is not pre-produced for this type of viewing. For all intents and purposes, the video is created in the viewer's browser at runtime. This has the advantage that only current pictures and text content from the Trivid server are used. When changes are made to a clip after the URL was sent to the customer, the clip will be automatically updated. When viewers call up a URL after the update, they will always get the latest content.

No download credits are required at any time when videos are published as URLs.

Publish video as embedded code


The embedded code provided by Trivid allows embedding of Clipgenerator videos into an HTML page, e.g. the user's own web page.

The code is inserted into the existing HTML code of a web page. The result is not a clickable URL as in the previous example. The viewer directly sees a video player that can be started using the "Play" button. When the "Autoplay" function is activated, the video starts automatically - without any input from the viewer.

This method of publishing is similar to publishing URLs: The content of the video is not pre-produced. The video is created in the viewer's browser at runtime. When changes are made to a clip after the URL was sent to the customer, the clip will be automatically updated. When viewers call up a URL after the update, they will always get the latest content.

No download credits are required at any time when videos are published as embedded code.

If you are not sure how to insert embedded code into your website, you can obtain appropriate information on the internet pages of your website provider (1&1, T-Online, Stratos etc.) or from the service provider who supports your website.

Download videos

In some situations, publication of your video as a downloadable file is insufficient. This includes the following cases:

You want to show a clip without a working internet connection (off-line)
You want to upload a clip to a video portal such as Youtube
You want to show a clip on an end device that does not support Flash 10 (e.g. Apple iPhone / iPad)

In such cases, it is possible to create a video file once the clips have been completed. Select the "Create Download" function for this purpose.


Select the correct video format from the various options. We will create the video for you. Please note that this process may take a few minutes.


After the video has been finished, you will automatically receive an email notification with a link to the download of the static video that you just created. You will also receive a notification on – a red bar will signal completion and will also offer you the download link.

Please note: You have now created a "static" video. The video will no longer change "dynamically" if you implement changes in your video account.  It is now permanently frozen with the contents that you have specified.