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Clipgenerator is a “do-it-yourself” video solution that allows any user to improve their search results!

Do you want your company or personal website, services, personal profile, products, hotel, (sales) offer or ad to be found more quickly and easily?


Google searches usually yield millions of results.
You can now ensure improved search results for your services, products or websites! Video (rich media) yields top positions on Google and other search engines.

  1. What do I need to do?

For search engines, the video title, video site maps and text that accompany the video (e.g. descriptions and meta tags) are important for recognition of content and relevance.

There are several important steps you can take to make sure you get to the top of the search results and are found quickly by your target audience:

  • Create your video.
  • Place your video on your own website.
  • Place your video in other portals and link it to your own website.
  • Reference your video in newsletters, forums, blogs, etc. and link it to the website.

Some important prerequisites for creating your video are as follows:

  • Create an attractive, professional-looking video that is appealing to users.
  • Use a meaningful video title that already contains the search terms employed by users.
  • Accompanying text such as meta tags and description of the video: 
    • Ascertaining the search terms most often used by Internet users is recommended.
    • Depending on the target group, general terms with high search volumes can lead you to the desired results. Alternatively, subject-specific terminology or product descriptions can help you reach highly skilled users who know exactly what they need.
  1. We make it easy for you! 
  • Clipgenerator offers you an online Twitter real-time video machine with which you can generate a video for any product, service, website or personal profile without any previous knowledge and in just a few minutes.
  • For larger video quantities, we will even generate your video clip automatically without any further ado!
  • Clipgenerator automatically generates all accompanying text as well as meta tags and descriptions.

The steps that are relevant for the search engine are taken care of in the video process: 

  • The video site map is automatically generated.
  • The video title as well as the descriptive accompanying texts are added by you – and automatically incorporated into the video.  

In the automated video version this is added directly by Clipgenerator via a script without you having to enter anything.  

While you are creating your video you have the option of directly integrating the video into your website.
What’s more, you can use the link generator to play your SEO-optimised video via your own video landing page that has also been optimised for search engines, thereby allowing your visitors and users to access it as often as desired.
In both cases, Clipgenerator will take over the “streaming” (playing of videos) and “hosting” (saving on servers) without any added costs for you.

You can also make your video available on other portals (such as YouTube, MyVideo, Immoscout24, etc.). Video clips in fixed formats for external portals are provided the SEO data as meta data.



Note: All portals and video portals are indexed by search engines according to videos. The
video results are integrated into the search results. Which video will be taken into consideration at which Google portal or video portal during generation of the search results for a specific search request is not known beforehand. However, the chance of placement with comprehensive distribution increases significantly.