Grand Prize winner of the SME program 2011/2012

American Express Services Europe
Awarded by Prof. Dr. h.c. Lothar Späth: "Continuous innovation makes the German middle class and strong future."
The objective of the SME program is to sustainably improve the competitiveness of the introduction of innovative SMEs.

Innovation-IT-Award 2011 FOR SME

Qualified for the short list of the best 25 candidates in the "IT Services" segment; inclusion in the IT Best List 2011.

Innovation of Music & Entertainment Award (Popkomm)

First European company to win this award
Prize awarded by the international music industry and entertainment press for
market-relevant innovation in the music and entertainment sector

Innovators Award (Cebit)

Convergators Award

Finalist (from 3) in the sector "digital living"
Prize awarded by BITKOM, German Fares, Ernst & Young, Focus, W&V and Agency Serviceplan

Constantinus Award
Finalist (from 3) Austrian National Award

Deutscher Multimedia Award

Finalist in the category "advertisement/PR" according to criteria concept/idea; usability; innovation, design and major impression